The Affiliate Programme is offered to Virtual Good members who has seen the opportunity of the Virtual Good model as a potential income stream to supplement their budget. Please have a look at the “impact Calculator” on your dashboard to see what the income and impact potential for spreading the word is.

When those you refer start spending on our platform, not only do their selected charities benefit, but you also get rewarded in the form of VG Credits to spend on your own purchases when buying on the Virtual Good platform. When your monthly rewards become more than what you usually spend on your own purchases, then the surplus VG Credits can be paid out to you in cash if you are registered as an Affiliate.

All that is required to become an affiliate is to complete the information in the “Affiliate Programme” section once you are logged in to your profile. This additional information is required for taxation purposes.

The Affiliate Payout is based on the available credit as at the previous month end and will be paid out at the end of the following month. To ensure that you always have the convenience of available VG Credits for your own purchases, a balance of R2,000 will be maintained when paying out. To avoid numerous small Affiliate Payouts, the min payout is R1,000.

E.g. 1. If you have R3,200 worth of available VG Credits at month end, then you will receive a payout of R1,200 at the end of the following month.

E.g. 2. If you have R2,800 worth of available VG Credits at month end, then the full R2,800 will be carried over into the new month and you will not receive a payout at the end of the following month.