What payments options are available to me?
Virtual Good offers a number of convenient payment options. Click here for more details on payment options.

How do I receive my electricity token after making a payment?
Once your transaction has been successfully processed your token will be displayed on your screen if you are purchasing directly from our platform, you will also receive an email with your token. Your token can also be viewed in your “transaction history” when logged into your Virtual Good profile.

How long should it take for my token to be received?
Your token is generated as soon as your payment has been confirmed on our system and shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes to be emailed to you.

What do I do if I did not receive my token?
If you have not received your token within 15 minutes, then please contact us via our support channels. Have your proof of payment at hand when contacting us for a speedy resolution.

What are some of the reasons for not receiving an electricity token?
The municipality’s IT system might be down at the time token is being requested.
There could be a delay from the bank with notification of payment.
The reference used might be incorrect or no reference provided.

How can I get my previously purchased Tokens?
Login to your Virtual Good profile and check your “Transaction History” to see your issued tokens.

What if I have multiple prepaid electricity meters?
Our platform allows for you to add as many meters as you like by clicking on “Add a service” when managing your services once you are logged into your Virtual Good profile.

Can an electricity purchase be reversed?
Prepaid electricity tokens are issued per meter number, and can only be used on that specific meter, it can therefore not be reversed or refunded.

What is the minimum amount for electricity purchases?
The minimum purchase amount for electricity is R10.00 when purchasing directly from the Virtual Good website. When initiating a purchase via EFT, then the minimum amount is R110.00

What is the maximum amount for electricity purchases?
The maximum purchase amount for electricity varies depending on the municipality or service provider.

Do I still get my basic free electricity?
If you qualify for free basic electricity, you will be issued with two tokens when purchasing electricity. One token will be for your free units and the other for your purchased units.

Why is my meter blocked?
Your meter can sometimes be blocked by your municipality’s credit control. You will need to contact your municipality directly to arrange for your meter to be unblocked.

What if I have an arrears on my account?
When attempting to purchase for a meter which has arrears, you will be notified of the arrears and provided with the option to cancel or continue with the transaction. If you have any further questions about your arrears, then please contact your municipality directly.